The Dirthut Forums have been completely upgraded to improve stability, scalability and to help fight the issue with spam. Please report any issues you find here. The forums are still a work-in-progress. Expect to see changes and popular features returning soon™!

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Please report any issues HERE

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Please use this post to report any issues you see on the site. I have been doing a lot of manual work in the CSS of the site, so I am unable to check every page on the forums, so your reports are essential in ensuring that an issue is attended to.


When reporting something, please include the following information:

  • Where you are seeing the issue (Please provide a link or if it is a popup, say what you moused over)
  • A screenshot of the issue (You can use Gyazo or whatever for this)


I will follow up every report once I have fixed the issue. Thank you for helping me! Kreygasm /

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