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Three word story

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3 words per-post ONLY.
Must make some kind of logical sense (using penis in every sentence isn't creative)
Refresh before posting (someone may have got in a post before yours)
No being a dumb dumb (I'll just ignore it if it's stupid)
All submissions will be posted here at the top for ease-of-reading :)


Story so far:
There once was a black man who enjoyed doing your mum and some advanced economics. At the weekends, he enjoyed riding his mother's blonde horse. Optionally, he also enjoyed participating, when chance permitted, in women's volleyball, which he discovered he was professionally skilled in the graceful art of Big Booty Twerkin'. On his way to the bank he tripped and fell on my small chihuahua named Jim. Jim enjoys licking big balls that dangle between the swing set. After he fell he realised that he didn't even bring some rubbers, which he needed for his party, then he remembered his arch nemesis had a big... like, REALLY big CS:GO case opening. His mother interrupted him, just before he could say: "PRAISE LORD GABEN, and his amazing steam winter sales!" She then proceeded to show him her hefty black, bouncing (but firm) yoga exercise ball. She asks him "Would you like to help me remove my extremely tight, and sweaty spandex pants and explain why you cry every time I touch my firm, lactating nipples while also cupping your dad's smooth bald head." He then proceeded, licking Liam's very black Sharpie™ pen, which he puts up his onion ring...

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