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Seeing as a lot of people seem to be moving to Discord and we discussed the possibility of moving before here on the forums - I have made a Discord server for everyone to use. It does not contain as many permissions as TeamSpeak and is unlikely (at this point) to replace TeamSpeak as our VOIP server, but it is really useful to have as a chat client. (It's basically like a big Skype group without the terrible-ness of Skype)


Feel free to let me know what you think about it here, and if you want to see any further functionality, or if I've missed anything when setting it up!


Join The Dirthut here: http://discord.thedirthut.com

You can join using just the web-client (once you have made an account) but it is easier to download the desktop app!

Download Discord here: https://discordapp.com/apps


Once you have joined, you will be thrown into the Lobby! You CANNOT chat in the Lobby! It is made for announcements. Please join any of the other chat rooms on the LEFT or enter a Voice Channel.




This server is subject to change a lot - If you have any suggestions, please leave them BELOW!

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The Dirthut

The Dirthut is a public online gaming community. Originating from Minecraft and now ready to accommodate any new trends that the community decides to take an interest in. The community is home to many different people - friends, family, fans - with a primary focus of keeping everyone in-contact. The server is being managed and hosted by BoomLiam voluntarily. New features may come if there is a demand, but no guarantee can be made.

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