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Counter Strike Server is UP!

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To join the server:

> Open the console, type: "connect" (No quotes)


> Play -> Browse Community Servers -> Favourites -> Add new server -> "" (No quotes)


Please report any issues with the server in THIS THREAD.

Please report any offending users via the User Report Forum HERE.

The server requires 10 players in order to start a competitive pug match.

When you are ready to play, type /ready or .ready in chat as instructed by the on-screen text.

Administrators can force start matches with less than 5 players on each team. Ask them nicely if they are online.



  • BoomLiam
  • Meatbalex
  • JazzzOnYourFace
  • Sean (Welshhsean)

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Stuff you can do on the server:


The server utilises a few mods to provide the best server experience ever!!!!!!!!! :o :O :o :O


Upon joining the server, you will be asked to ready up from the pop-up window on the left of the screen.

Posted Image

To ready up, type: /ready in chat or .ready or !ready (It IS caps sensitive!)


When you are ready'd up, you can change the name of your team among other things, read the chat window for more info!


The server can be used to play Competitive, Casual, Demolition, Deathmatch or Arms Race - based on a server-wide vote which will initiate when any player types /rtm (Rock the mode) in chat. A window will then popup on the left again, giving you options for the game type. Press the number for the game mode you wish you play!

Posted Image


User can also vote for map changes the normal way through the Esc menu, as well as vote kick other players. (All troublesome players should be reported via THIS LINK)


The server is still in the early stages, so please report any issues you have so they can be looked into!

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