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Quote(s) of the year!

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So basicly, i stole this idea from a forum i was in a year ago. Basicly, you post your funny quotes from conversations with people. Like if someone just told you that he got raped by a monkey while on so many drugs that it felt like an elephant.

Let other people enjoy your silly conversations. Theres no limits for this, atleast just keep them to my standards.

I will enjoy to see who has the dankest quote.

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"Hey, size doesn't matter." -Samm while working on his Farm.

"Bios get the ladies." -Samm

"Peek me Bitch." -SquidonLive

"Can you PLEASE do that again?" Sean to Rae after she yawned

"Did you send her the fucking Skyrim bio?" -Tacosarebueno

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