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The new Minecraft server - Have your say!

Minecraft server update  

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  1. 1. Should all items in the changeover be COMPLETELY RESET? (This means everything is lost. Your achievements, levels, items...)

    • Yes - Complete reset
    • No - We should be able to take X number of items with us to the new server
    • No - We should keep the same map!
  2. 2. What should happen to the old map? (Assuming option 3 from above doesn't win)

    • Keep the map on the server in "Museum mode" (Multi-verse)
    • Put the map up for download on the forums
    • Let it go. RIP.
    • Blow it up? ... (This could end horribly)
  3. 3. What should we do with spawn?

    • Something basic and simple, people don't hang around in spawn for long
    • Have a building session, where trusted people can use Gamemode and work on a spawn while the server is up
    • Keep the server offline until a suitable spawn is put together
    • Use the same spawn from the old map
    • "I've built an awesome spawn in single player! Can we use that?!" - Leave a reply below

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The new Server PC is almost all in my house and ready for assembly! This means there WILL be down-time for both the Minecraft server AND these forums. I will, however, keep the TeamSpeak online on my main PC during the changeover. I will also be streaming the build of the server PC because some people are interested in seeing me build a boring server... for some reason. That will be done here: http://twitch.tv/BoomLiam


I have a few questions I want answered related to the change of the Minecraft server. Most other things will remain unaffected for the majority of the time (Like these forums and the TeamSpeak) however the Minecraft server will be changing. I want to know HOW you want it changed! On top of answering these questions in the poll, I would also like to know your ideas for the server, what PLUGINS do you want to see on the server? (Please provide a link to the bukkit site where I download the plugins from and ENSURE they are up to date with the current Minecraft release!) I am also interested on your views for increasing the role-playing aspect of the server. Would currency be something you might be interested in? What game mode would you like to play? Survival, Creative, mixture of the two?


I am leaving this down to the community to decide as you did not have much of a say in the old server, and although it survived, it never THRIVED! I realised keeping a Minecraft server alive is not an easy task, and will require constant updates and new features to keep everyone engaged, but I will try to comply with suggestions in the community as much as I can and as long as I feel it won't break the server completely.

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Could also do something with a small 750 x 750 block world border at the beginning of the new map which is set to expand a specified amount of blocks per day (5-10) so the server can keep a small community feel to it so everyone will live together in a happy family Kappa :3 


inb4 mindcrack rip-off, idc it's a cool idea we should totally do it. 


Also if someone were to create a rough layout of a spawn area in singleplayer that would be useful and then transfer it to the server so it can be developed by multiple people in creative.

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