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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to the Official Utorak007 Subscriber TeamSpeak! On behalf of Jamie, thank you for being a subscriber and providing continued support to allow him to do what he does! This TeamSpeak was setup as means of providing an extra benefit to Subscribers of the Twitch Channel, being a place that all subscribers can visit 24/7* and have a chat, become better acquainted with those which you would normally talk to in text form, and play games together! Being a private TeamSpeak Server, there are a set of rules which must be attained to, in order to ensure you are not temporarily or permanently banned from the server. The moderation/administration team reserve the right to assign 'Timeout' group, Kick or Ban any user of the TeamSpeak at any time. Furthermore, every user is allowed to appeal to their ban at any time by following this link: CLICK HERE to appeal Rules: Remember that a brief summary of the rules of the TeamSpeak can be accessed at any time by clicking the spacer at the top of the TeamSpeak named 'Click HERE to read the RULES' and seeing the image in the right sidebar. Also by seeing the image attached to this post. These rules do not cover all basis under which a user can be banned from the TeamSpeak for - these rules outline the bare minimal expected of users. The Utorak007 TeamSpeak server is subject to the same Privacy Policy and Community Guidelines of The Dirthut. The TeamSpeak is a SUBSCRIBER benefit. This means that any user that is not a subscriber is NOT permitted to join the server. A subscriber E-mail is sent out every month by Jamie which contains the IP as well as the password which is required in order to gain access to the TeamSpeak. [if you subscribed, received the email but your subscription runs out mid-way through the month, you will not be forced to leave the TeamSpeak for that month] Use your Twitch username in the TeamSpeak so you can be identified by other users as well as the moderators to verify your subscription to Utorak007. Failure to do so may result in a ban from the TeamSpeak as we cannot verify who you are and whether or not you are a legitimate subscriber. Please respect all other users of the TeamSpeak by using Push To Talk or Voice Activation Detection.** Quickly switching between multiple channels, microphone spamming, poke spamming and chat spamming is NOT allowed. Impersonating other users, moderators, admins or changing one's name in order to cause grief is not permitted and will result in a server ban. All users must speak in ENGLISH only when in public channels. Failure to do so will result in a warning or being assigned the 'Timeout' group. *** Should you go away from the keyboard or away from the microphone, then please join the AFK Room, this helps the channels from becoming cluttered with muted/inactive users and uses up unnecessary bandwidth and resources on the server. (The AFK room automatically kicks users when they have been inactive for 3 hours, users who have been inactive for 30 minutes may be moved from their room into the AFK room) Inappropriate avatars are prohibited and will be subject to removal from the moderation team. There are no set guidelines on what is inappropriate, however nudity, racism and culturally sensitive images are obviously not allowed. Extremely offensive avatars will result in a ban. Do not post inappropriate links in chat - this includes but is not limited to: pornographic content, racist content, gore, death, self harm, illegal services, viruses/maleware Don't be annoying - This is probably the hardest rule to comprehend, but if you find yourself taking and making all other users silent by what you say, they probably don't agree with you. Take the time to think about what you say before you speak and act relaxed in the TeamSpeak. You don't have to perform for anyone, don't demand stuff from people, don't attack anyone, just be yourself and you should get along fine! Don't annoy anyone else - Jamie, along with other Twitch streamers or YouTube personalities may join the TeamSpeak at any time, don't pester them, they have joined your channel to chat and chill out so don't pester them with anything, don't ask them to sing and dance for them. Also, remember you are in a channel with other people, be aware that your microphone might pickup background noise and please try to reduce this as much as possible. No one wants to hear your TV in the background. Users may request the creation of certain rooms, but these rooms must be for public use ONLY. No private rooms will currently be made for any one individual or their friends. Do not ask for power - Subscribers will only ever have the Subscriber group assigned to them. If a user should enter the TeamSpeak and they have no server group, please bring them to the attention of an online Moderator/Administrator (Check the Offices) or leave a post on these forums, under this post. Finally, do NOT give out the TeamSpeak information to ANYONE. If a subscriber or moderator in Utorak007's chat asks for TeamSpeak information at any time, you - as a subscriber - are absolutely NOT permitted to give out ANYTHING. It is not your duty. Only Jamie, myself or TeamSpeak Admins may give out this information via Twitch Direct Message. One final closing point, the TeamSpeak has become a place where Subscribers can talk to each other while watching the stream, but a trend that has been coming up recently is that subscribers are using this as a means to attack certain users in chat, and to organise stupid things. We won't allow this. The Twitch chat needs to be a nice and friendly place for people to come to - we want to entice as many other users into subscribing as we can, and we can't do that if subscribers are attacking other subscribers and new users. Please be respectful and appreciate this. A run-down of the TeamSpeak groups: * The server onto which the TeamSpeak is hosted is very reliable, and I have been hosting TeamSpeak servers and other servers (such as this forum board) for over a year now with a 99.99% uptime reliability - however, the network it is being hosted on is not as reliable, and as such there may be intermittent and unexpected disconnects. This is unfortunately completely unavoidable and out of my control. To stay updated on the server status, I encourage you to follow the Official Dirthut Twitter account and My Twitter for angry ramblings when something goes wrong) ** To enable these different microphone detection settings: Settings -> Options -> Capture -> Choose the option there *** The Timeout Group: is assigned to users who are being annoying, spamming or have left their microphone enabled. Server Rules Image:

The Dirthut

The Dirthut is a public online gaming community. Originating from Minecraft and now ready to accommodate any new trends that the community decides to take an interest in. The community is home to many different people - friends, family, fans - with a primary focus of keeping everyone in-contact. The server is being managed and hosted by BoomLiam voluntarily. New features may come if there is a demand, but no guarantee can be made.