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Found 4 results

  1. A modded Minecraft server is FINALLY here! The server will be WHITELIST ONLY because there are way too many things that can go wrong with a modded server and I do not have the time or knowledge with mod-packs to restrict certain things. Also it avoids hackers coming on to the server and ruining everything. If you want to be whitelisted, then please comment bellow and follow the format at the bottom of this post. RULES: The same rules which are in-place on the vanilla Minecraft server are STILL in-place. Those can be read here: LINK No exploiting blocks/tools/items in the mod-pack to bypass protections and cause deliberate grief. If you do not know what a block/tool/item does, it is best NOT TO USE IT. Do some research or you may be seen as deliberately griefing. There is no protection on the server - This is not an over-sight, but being that the server will be whitelisted, I see no reason not to trust anyone who has been whitelisted. Try to build big, exciting inventions away from spawn. Avoid travelling between worlds too much, they are horribly optimised and may result in a temporary server crash (kicking everyone online) Be aware that anyone may be removed from the whitelist WITHOUT WARNING. This will NOT have been an accident and you are free to question why you were removed by sending me a Direct Message here on the forums, or emailing me (See signature) The moderation team for this server is VERY LIMITED. Aside from myself, everyone else has very little power. Why? Because it's a whitelisted server with trusted people. Moderators will still be able to assist with some things, but they will mainly be just a 'badge' on the server, they will still be there playing the game with you, with absolutely no access to gamemode/God-mode or cheating their way through the mod-pack experience. Yes they can kick/ban you but they probably won't.... maybe. Download Feed The Beast here: http://www.feed-the-beast.com/ When the installer is downloaded, select the "FTB Infinity 1.7 (v1.8.2) Minecraft Version 1.7.10" and ensure you change 'Recommended' to '1.7.0' WHITELIST APPLICATION: In-game Minecraft Name: Approximately how long you have been on The Dirthut?: Have you played Feed The Beast before?: Have you played on any modded Minecraft before?: If you are accepted, you will be able to join the server at: ftb.thedirthut.com | thedirthut.com:25569 Users who are donator level 'Super Awesome' and 'Level 3' Have been added to the Whitelist already. If you need to be added to a group then please let me know. Currently there are little benefits to being in donator-level groups, but I do plan to add more benefits!
  2. Hello all, I recently logged onto the minecraft server, and found that my house had been robbed. While this has been resolved by a mod, I just wanted to bring it to the attention of the server owner, BoomLiam_, so that he can take appropriate action. While we don't always get onto the Minecraft server, when we do, we want our stuff to still be there and not have all of our hard work destroyed because of a select few. Kane and I fixed the situation involving my house 2 weeks ago, but who's to say they haven't done it to other houses that haven't logged on to see it. -Amanda @omgxamanda on Twitter
  3. JOIN NOW AT: mc.thedirthut.com The Dirthut is BACK and better than ever (maybe) with a new and improved Minecraft server on a totally NEW map and NEW Server computer! This means that there will be less server crashes, more backups and an overall more stable Minecraft experience! We may be able to take in a larger number of players, but until I can be sure, I will continue to limit the Minecraft server to 25 players until there is a greater demand OR my internet stops being the main bottleneck. Upon joining this new server you will spawn here (see picture) you should read the areas marked by the red arrows which are the SERVER RULES After walking EAST out of spawn for a bit, you will come across these houses (marked in the image below) feel free to enter these houses at any time to learn more about a few of the plugins we have on the server and about chat! Alternatively: /warp lockette & /warp chat & /warp protect will take you to these houses too! There are also other places in spawn that you should go out and explore yourself, for example - Behind spawn is the Moderator/Donator building, to the left of spawn is the Dirthut train station, and to the right are the docks/lighthouse! Spawn is about 200 blocks in radius so you will have to travel a little bit before you can start building and currently the map is limited to a world boarder of 5000 blocks! This will be expanded over time! The entire map can be viewed by clicking the "Dynmap" tab at the top of this page! Now, without further ado, here is a totally over-the-top epic swag swag release video trailer epik m8 video: For the best experience, watch in full-screen 1080p


    Since The Dirthut Minecraft server is getting a complete overhaul, the old map is now available for download from the forums! This map has been used on The Dirthut since it's grand opening over a year ago! And as it is so old, it is FAIRLY large... (Nearly 2GB! (compressed to 1.18GB)) There is a restriction on the download limit from the forums, this is to reduce load on the network and avoid any issues across the other Dirthut Servers! Estimated Download times: Guests: 10 Hours+ Members: 1 Hour+ Donators: Under 30 Minutes! All time values are roughly calculated estimates and times will vary depending upon server load and your ISP connection speed. Instillation is very simple: extract the file, paste into your Minecraft save directory, and you should be good to go! (Google if unsure!)

The Dirthut

The Dirthut is a public online gaming community. Originating from Minecraft and now ready to accommodate any new trends that the community decides to take an interest in. The community is home to many different people - friends, family, fans - with a primary focus of keeping everyone in-contact. The server is being managed and hosted by BoomLiam voluntarily. New features may come if there is a demand, but no guarantee can be made.

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