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  1. Ikari

    F1 2012 Challenge Returns

    I've been nominated to set the next challenge. It will therefore consist of the following: Team: Marussia Circuit: Spain - Circuit de Catalunya Condition: Wet Driver Assists: All except driving line (fully and corners) are available for use. Have fun!
  2. Ikari

    F1 2012 Challenge Returns

    This is fun https://gyazo.com/5b97c50ae7abfd014c2c5cd803f01e1d
  3. Ikari

    F1 2012 Challenge Returns

    Much better: https://gyazo.com/10fd20720d7dc1fd107d81e9bb41805b
  4. Ikari

    F1 2012 Challenge Returns

    A bit of an improvement: https://gyazo.com/412c33cfa5c1347bbca73b9ec1e13824
  5. Ikari

    F1 2012 Challenge Returns

    I think I got rid of it to be honest, I'll see if I can set up my PS4 controller instead
  6. Ikari

    F1 2012 Challenge Returns

    Banker lap, Keyboard only https://gyazo.com/343f2ed6274a7107268881d20c1018ba
  7. Ikari

    F1 2012 Challenge Returns

    I'm ready!
  8. 555-555-0199@example.com

  9. You may keep it...I also note the secondary structural support given to your monitor... Earthquake proof.
  10. Put that glass away.
  11. Ikari

    Prune's setup

    All that attention to what your hands touch but no additional attention given to where you place your arse
  12. I cannot tell if the plate and assortment of trash on the desk was intentionally placed or not lol In a few years I expect it will evolve into this:
  13. Ikari

    Three word story

    , when chance permitted,
  14. Ikari

    ►Welcome to the Forums◄

    uh...uh uh...uh.......uh *take my gold*

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