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  1. @TMurph1122 @prattprattpratt James can hang with my kid anytime because I can tell the difference between "shock jo… https://t.co/XDej15tZxL

  2. RT @BowieWhale: Guy Fieri has, with no publicity, been feeding 5000 wildfire evacuees, proving that he is a much more decent and altruistic…

  3. RT @J_Dot_J: Husband, all on his own, impulse bought a cordless vacuum on Prime Day. Today he asked if I wanted to consider this vacuum my…

  4. Earned 2 PSN trophies (2 bronze) in Dark Souls: Remastered - https://t.co/3aRNoCGIBz

  5. If this guy Larsen, who is running in Virginias 10th gets one vote.... https://t.co/L6hiCJcCUI

  6. This is the guy who was offended by tweets from 10 years ago. https://t.co/OQZEkCJxSg

  7. RT @ABC7: Couple unexpectedly delivers baby at Chick-fil-A; baby will get free Chick-fil-A food for life and guaranteed job at 14 https://t…

  8. @juliettekayyem @TheRock Always choose @TheRock. My son and I watched Rampage twice in 24 hours this week.

  9. RT @andyholloway: I cannot help but share this. Our three children attempted to show their elegance. Our littlest still has a ways to go. h…

  10. RT @jessesingal: The logical next step for Musk fans is a form of cave-rescue trutherism where they argue the kids are still in there and E…

  11. I am a heavy sweater. But my arms never sweat and it weirds me out to see sweaty arms. https://t.co/6n7SMpEKd5

  12. @sfierymountain @Harryslaststand Funny that a writer of unicorn books could be such a angry disrespectful human being.

  13. @facebook @oneunderscore__ It's now blatantly clear you aren't even trying.

  14. @tomgara @jessesingal Pretty sure since he did not retire from the bench n an "honorable" way, he no longer should… https://t.co/oBCdxS3Hxk

  15. RT @SortaBad: FURNITURE MAKER WHO SECRETLY HATES HIS WIFE: Honey I created a new type of cabinet. I’m gonna name it after you SUSAN: Aw ba…

  16. RT @jessesingal: Vox: Caves, Explained Slate: Why Thai Authorities Should Have Left The Soccer Team In That Cave A Little Longer Breitbar…

  17. @Peachs_Almanac @glengyron @SSYGrunt @elonmusk And even if it wasn't...why do YOU care?

  18. Good idea but the Dems tend to be wishy washy and for whatever reason, this far into the game, are scared to do an… https://t.co/xZIxdk1CX7

  19. Good game. I watched three Sweden games this WC and they are so utterly boring. No idea how they got this far. Let's go Croatia!

  20. RT @KaivanShroff: For all those complaining about first responders time being wasted for the Statue of Liberty protest — y’all have been aw…

  21. Lol yeah whatever the voices in your head say, just go with that. Chances your boy doesn't put another corrupt slim… https://t.co/e6z5StV2z1

  22. RT @kashanacauley: “Hello, 911? There’s a black woman running for office.” https://t.co/C8SQVFO3GF

  23. Right!?! I may spaghetti and meatballs on average 3 times a month. Each time there is enough pasta for half the str… https://t.co/QALi7xLrXL

  24. Inb4 $5.78/gal https://t.co/lPEOwwLsqT

  25. @Ikari_86 @Utorak007 I need to play that. One of our friends band got their music in the game.

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