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  1. 555-555-0199@example.com

  2. http://imgur.com/gallery/jFH1Emw yus plus
  3. Lets revive this dead as fuck thread. What about an OS? Was thinking about actually being one of those guys and buying one. Opinions?
  4. So, basically I'm thinking of down sizing my pc for easier transportation. I'll need a motherboard which can support both a graphics card and a network card. So, not sure what the smallest case I could use would be. I'm open to suggestions and I'm also curious about heat output etc whether thats ok for gaming etc. I'm changing my cpu to an i5 so the mobo will need to be that socket. Also monitor suggestions. Everything got to be relatively cheap. Cheers o/
  5. I'm in for sure, just tell me how to play every time its my turn and we're good!
  6. http://www.nexusmods.com/gamedevtycoon/mods/8/? enjoy
  7. Wondered if, first it was ok to post the link, and secondly if anyone wanted me to post the link to download the multiplayer mod for Game Dev Tycoon. From what I've seen it actually looks pretty fun. Let me know and I'll post it
  8. Awesome, thanks for the advice Liam What do you think of the SSHDs? Would that be a good comprimise for space and speed?
  9. So, I want to get a SSD for my pc and I have looked around and I'm not really sure what I'm looking for. Just wondered if anyone has any recommendations for one. I was also considering getting SSHD instead. I've seen them slightly cheaper than an SSD and they hold more but just aren't as fast. The main thing I'd be using the SSD for is the OS. Any advice would shweet! Peace out home sauce.
  10. http://imgur.com/gallery/kyk3dMp ok THIS needs to be the new teamspeak gif

The Dirthut

The Dirthut is a public online gaming community. Originating from Minecraft and now ready to accommodate any new trends that the community decides to take an interest in. The community is home to many different people - friends, family, fans - with a primary focus of keeping everyone in-contact. The server is being managed and hosted by BoomLiam voluntarily. New features may come if there is a demand, but no guarantee can be made.

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