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  1. Sean Add Me Because I Said So
  2. Not Sean

    Need British People for Sam's Video Project

    I'm British
  3. Not Sean

    Grand Theft Auto V - The Dirthut Crew

  4. Not Sean

    Grand Theft Auto V - The Dirthut Crew

    Hi. If you're anyone who is anyone you'll already have GTA V by now. Also, if you're reading this, then you're probably interested in playing with a crew. Right?In that case, we've got you covered. The Dirthut Crew for GTA V has been created and you can easily find it here. So why join a crew? Joining the crew allows you to wear the crew colours and emblem on clothes and cars. Great, huh? It also lets you progress within the Crew and allow us to unlock new things and such. Doing in-game things with your crew grants you extra rewards too! What's not to like. Join The Dirthut Crew now in anticipation for the release on April 14th. - Sean
  5. Not Sean


  6. Not Sean

    Guys, what is you favorite color??

    green meme
  7. Not Sean

    Sean's Setup | Please Be Gentle

    I should probably add a new picture as I moved rooms.
  8. Not Sean

    DIABLO 3!!!!

  9. Not Sean

    End Downhillinc Reign of Tyrany, Add More NA Moderators

    Get out of here you DAMN DIRTY APE
  10. Not Sean

    DIABLO 3!!!!

  11. Not Sean

    Sean For Mod

    Wow thanks for the swift response! I look forward to the applications being open!
  12. Not Sean

    Sean For Mod

    I'd be just and swift with my bans. SEAN FOR MOD
  13. Not Sean

    Arma 3 (?)

    I can only imagine my frustration with custom missions with Dirthut.

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