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  2. Daftscot 9 Months Yes Yes Edit: time with the Dirthut
  3. Oh, no i don't play it i thought it was just team strat game where you have to work in like small teams and take out NPCs like an ARMA game mode :/
  4. Indeed maybe we could ask our lord and saviour B00M Lee Lamb if he could host a server for us
  5. project reality maybe but might just be like arma 3 maybe i dunno thought it looked cool anyways
  6. he puts up
  7. Liam's very black
  8. I take that as a yes then awesome
  10. Grind to level 100 online?
  11. Very nicely thank you Kreygasm Kreygasm
  12. Bow down before me and my signature
  13. Liam Please, you make me cry hurt :'(
  14. Oh Mer Gerd hi guys it's me the one they call DAFTSCOT !!!11!!!!!!11!!!8=D~~
  15. your dad's smooth