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  2. It looks like I already do , not sure what to change here
  3. Already tried that, still wouldn't let me
  4. ????? Computer please. Wat do
  5. I open the game it instantly blue screens.. I've tried a handful of "fixes" that are on other forums but nothing worked. I tried doing compatibility service pack 2, didn't work. Tried downloading the setup files manually, still crashed. Tried a few other things but no dice. Send help o lord liam
  6. Rofl sorry about that. Also we are very tolerant of poor voice acting skills, all you need is a decent sounding mic
  7. Alternate ending: After door blows up, Jesus runs in with my rust coat gut knife, I'll have 'god 1' enabled and a bunch of t's will be spraying Jesus, he goes in knifes a guy, takes his gun, kills 2 more, I toggle off godmode, die, Sam comes in, kills t, "Jesus died for our sins thank you Jesus" fin
  8. TacosareBueno: we should make TacosareBueno: a live action rp TacosareBueno: ingame TacosareBueno: csgo TacosareBueno: where i am jesus TacosareBueno: and i save you Mr. Cavalier: yes TacosareBueno: it would start out TacosareBueno: on like TacosareBueno: motel TacosareBueno: map TacosareBueno: it would show a group of terrorists planting a bom TacosareBueno: bomb TacosareBueno: then you and rae in a the diner TacosareBueno: you get a call about terrorists in a hotel TacosareBueno: so you suit up TacosareBueno: rae has a bison TacosareBueno: you have an m4a4 TacosareBueno: you go TacosareBueno: you save one hostage TacosareBueno: then you go back TacosareBueno: to grab the other hostage TacosareBueno: rae gets shot in the stomach TacosareBueno: sam kills the t TacosareBueno: rae in pain TacosareBueno: you grab hostage and rae TacosareBueno: hobble to the H TacosareBueno: save hostage TacosareBueno: another call comes in TacosareBueno: bomb planted in hotel TacosareBueno: rae still bleeding TacosareBueno: she toughs it out TacosareBueno: you both go in TacosareBueno: kill 2 more t's TacosareBueno: rae gets shot in the shoulde TacosareBueno: sam goes white knight mode TacosareBueno: gets shot TacosareBueno: terrorists have negevs TacosareBueno: spraying down the long hallway TacosareBueno: you are going to die TacosareBueno: sam starts praying TacosareBueno: suddenly a flashbang TacosareBueno: and a smoke TacosareBueno: jesus appears TacosareBueno: with an ak47 TacosareBueno: sprays down the 3 t's with negevs TacosareBueno: heals your wounds TacosareBueno: all 3 go down the corridor, sam tries to open door, it's locked TacosareBueno: jesus says stand back TacosareBueno: throws a nade TacosareBueno: door blows up TacosareBueno: gunfire coming from inside TacosareBueno: jesus throws ak47 away TacosareBueno: grabs dual berettas TacosareBueno: runs in TacosareBueno: kills 5 t's ezpz TacosareBueno: defuses bomb TacosareBueno: saves the princess TacosareBueno: fin TacosareBueno: THATS A VIDEO PROJECT TacosareBueno: let's do it Mr. Cavalier: lol TacosareBueno: si o no TacosareBueno: Mr. Cavalier: Mr. Cavalier: Mr. Cavalier: fuck TacosareBueno: lets do it TacosareBueno: t would be fun TacosareBueno: also A+ project TacosareBueno: i promise TacosareBueno: beaver could voice act for hostage TacosareBueno: will for terrorists TacosareBueno: me for jesus TacosareBueno: you for you TacosareBueno: rae for rae TacosareBueno: we could get a different brit for each terrorist Mr. Cavalier is now Offline. Mr. Cavalier is currently offline, they will receive your message the next time they log in. TacosareBueno: wow TL;DR Need British people to play British terrorists in video, will give sticker capsules as wages. Please have a good mic and British terrorist accent
  9. bald head." He
  10. Classic Sam, trying to censor us as usual.
  11. Fucking corruption. Wake up sheeple! This is what happens when you let people such as Sammuel D. Seegert run freely! By active I meant online all day errday
  12. For years us Americans have had to deal with the great evil that is Sammuel D. Seegert's dictatorship over the server when the great BoomLiam goes to sleep. In America we believe in a system of checks and balances, and it's about time we get Sam some checks. I believe I am the most qualified for this position, being the most active NA member of the DirtHut teamspeak. I have lots of experience moderating teamspeak channels and my reputation for being humble, truthful, and fair should back up my claim to power. End the tyranny! Fight oppression! TacosareBueno for mod 2015! TL;DR : boomliam gib mod pls
  13. Jim. Jim enjoys