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  1. @CallMeKevin1811

  2. @_ejayb Excuse me, that is Anonimoose

  3. @Cibconnor @kibkane *Scratches behind the ears* GOOD BOI

  4. @_ejayb @Chombiewan Done.

  5. @lawwdy @CallMeKevin1811 My boys are my eggs.

  6. RT @CommanderRoot: I saw quite a few request on @TwitchSupport to be able to remove multiple or even all Twitch VODs at once. I have now ad…

  7. @_ejayb Same thing happened to me today ^.^

  8. RT @TwitchSupport: ???? Return of the trash pandas. We're looking into issues with loading once more. ^RSS

  9. This is hilarious.

  10. @WelshhSean @RuubzZ Would not recommend this as a viable solution.

  11. RT @KIRORadio: Last night we captured surveillance footage of a vandal trying to break in to one of our employee's vehicles in our parking…

  12. Got home from work. Watched this. I think I'm ready for bed.

  13. @Cibconnor Nice!

  14. @PIPeJTV You must have missed the parts where there was an emoji