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    Logitech g110/g105 mw3 Logitech g510 Logitech g15 Logitech g300 Logitech cam Sharkoon mouse pad Sound Blaster Mice Good Op audio system 2X 500WAT HQ Powe mid speekers 2X 200WAT Kenwood subs with filters custom made Xstrike Custom bild pc Nice ps3 with stikers
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    Hi, I'm a new and up and coming youtuber pls follow my steam account
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    Rules: 3 words per-post ONLY. Must make some kind of logical sense (using penis in every sentence isn't creative) Refresh before posting (someone may have got in a post before yours) No being a dumb dumb (I'll just ignore it if it's stupid) All submissions will be posted here at the top for ease-of-reading GO! Story so far: There once was a black man who enjoyed doing your mum and some advanced economics. At the weekends, he enjoyed riding his mother's blonde horse. Optionally, he also enjoyed participating, when chance permitted, in women's volleyball, which he discovered he was professionally skilled in the graceful art of Big Booty Twerkin'. On his way to the bank he tripped and fell on my small chihuahua named Jim. Jim enjoys licking big balls that dangle between the swing set. After he fell he realised that he didn't even bring some rubbers, which he needed for his party, then he remembered his arch nemesis had a big... like, REALLY big CS:GO case opening. His mother interrupted him, just before he could say: "PRAISE LORD GABEN, and his amazing steam winter sales!" She then proceeded to show him her hefty black, bouncing (but firm) yoga exercise ball. She asks him "Would you like to help me remove my extremely tight, and sweaty spandex pants and explain why you cry every time I touch my firm, lactating nipples while also cupping your dad's smooth bald head." He then proceeded, licking Liam's very black Sharpie™ pen, which he puts up his onion ring...
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    ^^ 120mm fan on a 80mm Mount . This will be fixed soon as I just moved into this case. Specs: CPU: Intel Quad Core 2 @ 2.6ghz CPU Cooler: Noctua something something massive heat sink. GPU: Geforce GTX 460 SE RAM: 4GB DDR2 Mobo: ASUS p5q/sr Case:Thermaltake Soprano PSU: Corsair VS 450w Primary Monitor: ASUS something something Second Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 943 Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Chroma Mouse: Corsair m45 Raptor Headset: Logitech G430 Mic: BM800 Studio Condenser Microphone Soundcard: Soundblaster SB1095 OLD SETUP:
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    I'll be in Fackin' Landan from the Friday to Sunday. I'm single.
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    Hey guys! It's your friendly Asian Prune here! Just wondering who will be going to EGX on the 27th of September at Earl's Court, London? We know that most of the people from the TeamSpeak are going but this is just a confirmation and for the people that are not regulars to the TS to speak up! If you are going to the expo or going to be around that area on that day, feel free to reply to the post so that we will know! We will most likely do a #Dirthut meetup (oOO0OO0oo00o) if Liam, the owner of this fine establishment, could arrange the place and time! Come meet him, the Mods and the other fags that are going. We will also do some games like: 'Slap the Prune' or my favourite 'Touching butts' Aite I'm outta here! See y'all at EGX! Prorune117
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    CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K MOTHERBOARD: MSI Z97-G45 GAMING RAM: 12gb Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz ram GPU: 2x EVGA GeForce GTX 780s Superclocked SLI HARD DRIVE: 768 gb Samsung SSD- 2TB WD Blue POWER SUPPLY: Corsair Professional Series AX 1200 Watt PSU CASE: Area-51 Full Tower VR HEADSET: Oculus Rift Development Kit MONITOR: 30" 2560x1600 Dell U3011 MONITOR #2: 27" Acer 3D 120hz MOUSE: Logitech G502 Proteus Core KEYBOARD: Corsair K70 RGB MOUSE PAD: Razer Goliathus Extended Control Edition HEADSET: Logitech G430 MICROPHONE: Audio Technica AT2020 SPEAKERS: Logitech THX Speaker System Z623 RACING WHEEL: Logitech G27 CHAIR: DXRACER F-Series Green/Black
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    Specs:CPU: AMD FX-6300 Six-Core Processor @ 4.5ghz Cooler: Noctua NH-U12S GPU: Asus Radeon HD 7770 2GB Video Card RAM: 8GB DDR3 Mobo: 970 GAMING AMD MSI AM3+ ATX Motherboard Case: Thermaltake Commander MS/I Snow Edition PSU: Corsair CX 500M Monitor #1: Asus VX248H 60Hz 24.0" Monitor Monitor #2: AOC e936VW 19" Monitor Keyboard: AST kpq-e99zc-13 Mouse: Compaq m-uae96 Headset: Corsair Raptor HS40 7.1 Channel Headset SSD: Crucial BX100 250 GB HDD #1: Western Digital 298GB WD3200BPVT-75JJ5T0 HDD #2: Seagate ST3500312CS 465GB HDD #3: Seagate Expansion USB Device 465GB
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    I think all you guys are forgetting about the most important meetup next year, Minecon 2015, London! I think it is pretty obvious that everybody will be there, and it will be way better than your silly PAX east and EGX. -Jopi
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    Could also do something with a small 750 x 750 block world border at the beginning of the new map which is set to expand a specified amount of blocks per day (5-10) so the server can keep a small community feel to it so everyone will live together in a happy family :3 inb4 mindcrack rip-off, idc it's a cool idea we should totally do it. Also if someone were to create a rough layout of a spawn area in singleplayer that would be useful and then transfer it to the server so it can be developed by multiple people in creative.
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    Hello, yes I'd like to replace "BoomLiam" as admin as I have not yet received nudes off him. I thank you for your time.
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    Hmm, I'd suggest downloading Adobe Reader... You're not using a custom cursor or anything, are you?
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    Better than my old setup!
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    I can be in here
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    he probaly did since cpu cooler is also alienware. cough ALIENWARE master racecough
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    Ladies stay in line
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The Dirthut is a public online gaming community. Originating from Minecraft and now ready to accommodate any new trends that the community decides to take an interest in. The community is home to many different people - friends, family, fans - with a primary focus of keeping everyone in-contact. The server is being managed and hosted by BoomLiam voluntarily. New features may come if there is a demand, but no guarantee can be made.