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    Car batteries are one of the most important elements of any vehicle, be it a private car, truck or truck. Without them you could not work and earn money with vehicles or you could travel somewhere special. Therefore, it is good to know a little more about these objects that Bold Valuable Tech is manufactured with the highest standards in the market. How are vehicle batteries made? The batteries of 12-volt vehicles are composed of six cells. Each of these produces 2.1 volts and are connected in series from positive to negative. Each cell is made up of an element that contains positive plates, all connected, and negative plates, also connected. They are separated individually with thin layers of electrical insulation, "envelopes of porous material that are used as separators between the positive and negative plates to avoid causing a short circuit between them. The plates, inside the cell, alternate between positive and negative. A plate is composed of a metal rejillla that serves as a support frame for the porous material adhered to the plate. Afterwards, the plates are converted into cells, which are inserted in a hard polypropylene box of high density or hard rubber. The cells are connected to the terminals and the box is covered, and then filled with dilute sulfuric acid electrolyte. Initially, the battery is charged to convert the yellow lead oxide into lead peroxide, which is often dark brown or black. The electrolyte is replaced and the battery is given another charge. Some batteries receive a "dry charge", that is, batteries go on sale without electrolyte. These are then added to this liquid and loaded when put into service. In summary, a battery is constructed by alternating two different metals such as lead dioxide (PbO2), positive plates; and spongy lead (Pb), negative plaques. Then, the plates are immersed in dilute sulfuric acid (H2SO4), the electrolyte. The type of metals and the electrolyte used will determine the result of a cell.
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  4. @TMurph1122 @prattprattpratt James can hang with my kid anytime because I can tell the difference between "shock jo… https://t.co/XDej15tZxL

  5. @ToddAndChips Oh right, music stuff. Yeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. RT @BowieWhale: Guy Fieri has, with no publicity, been feeding 5000 wildfire evacuees, proving that he is a much more decent and altruistic…

  7. RT @J_Dot_J: Husband, all on his own, impulse bought a cordless vacuum on Prime Day. Today he asked if I wanted to consider this vacuum my…

  8. @ToddAndChips @danierruu @Utorak007 True.

  9. @Cibconnor @danierruu ???? MOE PLS

  10. Earned 2 PSN trophies (2 bronze) in Dark Souls: Remastered - https://t.co/3aRNoCGIBz

  11. @Jollyghost_ I was attacked last night by a storm. ????

  12. If this guy Larsen, who is running in Virginias 10th gets one vote.... https://t.co/L6hiCJcCUI

  13. "@TwitchLondon was so much fun, why can't it be Twitch London EVERY weekend?" - @Maxwaspio Come on @Serenity2517 , let's go. ????

  14. This is the guy who was offended by tweets from 10 years ago. https://t.co/OQZEkCJxSg

  15. @Charmander_B @Maxwaspio JC could be Juliette Cabbage. Might be a GRILL

  16. RT @ABC7: Couple unexpectedly delivers baby at Chick-fil-A; baby will get free Chick-fil-A food for life and guaranteed job at 14 https://t…

  17. @juliettekayyem @TheRock Always choose @TheRock. My son and I watched Rampage twice in 24 hours this week.

  18. RT @andyholloway: I cannot help but share this. Our three children attempted to show their elegance. Our littlest still has a ways to go. h…

  19. @Jollyghost_ @mansalans https://t.co/RAFaUCRbNR

  20. RT @jessesingal: The logical next step for Musk fans is a form of cave-rescue trutherism where they argue the kids are still in there and E…

  21. I am a heavy sweater. But my arms never sweat and it weirds me out to see sweaty arms. https://t.co/6n7SMpEKd5

  22. @Jackniksmith @MKBHD ???? https://t.co/SBOQ1YOYEI

  23. @sfierymountain @Harryslaststand Funny that a writer of unicorn books could be such a angry disrespectful human being.

  24. @getfrank Blackjaaaaack! If you're around Freemont Street, dealers there tend to be really nice, would recommend ????

  25. @facebook @oneunderscore__ It's now blatantly clear you aren't even trying.

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