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Official Dirthut Dark-Theme v2.0

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About This File

Want your TeamSpeak to look as sharp and sexy as the forums? The look no further!

Download and install the TeamSpeak Dark Theme TODAY!


Instillation Instructions:

0. Un-zip the folder!

1. Copy DVDTS.qss into the "styles" folder. "C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client\styles"

2. Move the folder "DVDTS" in the "gfx" folder. "C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client\gfx"

3. Open TeamSpeak3, go on "Settings/Options/Design" and set..

4. Style = System default

5. Theme = DVDTS_black

6. Icon Pack = default (or DVDTS_black ... totally up to you)

7. Restart TeamSpeak3

The Dirthut

The Dirthut is a public online gaming community. Originating from Minecraft and now ready to accommodate any new trends that the community decides to take an interest in. The community is home to many different people - friends, family, fans - with a primary focus of keeping everyone in-contact. The server is being managed and hosted by BoomLiam voluntarily. New features may come if there is a demand, but no guarantee can be made.