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  • The Dirthut World Save   By BoomLiam

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    Since The Dirthut Minecraft server is getting a complete overhaul, the old map is now available for download from the forums! This map has been used on The Dirthut since it's grand opening over a year ago! And as it is so old, it is FAIRLY large... (Nearly 2GB! (compressed to 1.18GB)) There is a restriction on the download limit from the forums, this is to reduce load on the network and avoid any issues across the other Dirthut Servers! Estimated Download times: Guests: 10 Hours+
    Members: 1 Hour+
    Donators: Under 30 Minutes!
    All time values are roughly calculated estimates and times will vary depending upon server load and your ISP connection speed. Instillation is very simple: extract the file, paste into your Minecraft save directory, and you should be good to go! (Google if unsure!)