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  2. RT @Adunbeex: HAPPY METALSUNDAY!! <3 In the spirit of February and valentine we had to cover some @bfmvofficial ! Here's Your Betrayal!! RO…

  3. @CallMeKevin1811

  4. Last week
  5. @_ejayb Excuse me, that is Anonimoose

  6. Earned 5 PSN trophies (1 silver and 4 bronze) in 2 games -

  7. RT @shannonrwatts: Parkland, Florida, teacher on CNN who had to hide 19 crying kids in a closet in her classroom: “We did everything we wer…

  8. Except @marcorubio it works in Japan, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, and a dozen more countries. There are real worl…

  9. @Cibconnor @kibkane *Scratches behind the ears* GOOD BOI

  10. RT @MaryJoPehl: Look, Target, I get that you want to be hip and use social media lingo to attract a certain demographic to your bakery item…

  11. @_ejayb @Chombiewan Done.

  12. @lawwdy @CallMeKevin1811 My boys are my eggs.

  13. @Popehat @dmataconis Bet the gym teacher(s) are excited about this.

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  15. RT @CommanderRoot: I saw quite a few request on @TwitchSupport to be able to remove multiple or even all Twitch VODs at once. I have now ad…

  16. RT @JasonKander: The Vice President doesn’t get it. Hostile nations briefly setting aside their hostilities to compete in sport is the whol…

  17. RT @CSGOEmpire: Flip Knife | Lore ???? -RT -Follow -Enable notifications on our Twitter GL ????

  18. @_ejayb Same thing happened to me today ^.^

  19. @FrJohnUSA @GeeJustG @lorettafaucher @maddezmom @charleslustig1 @BreitbartNews Nope, you're a snowflake. And if you…

  20. RT @TwitchSupport: ???? Return of the trash pandas. We're looking into issues with loading once more. ^RSS

  21. @oldie57 @NoBadHairDays2 @Comey Easy there comrade. Your showing your true self.

  22. 2 hours to go 2018 Bathurst 12 Hour LIVE - Main Race (Sunday) #B12h

  23. RT @CSGOEmpire: Falchion Knife | Crimson Web ❤️????️ -RT -Follow Winner will be picked in 5 hours GL ????

  24. @EseKansaiJinBen @normative

  25. lol guess he turned it back on. No audio though.

  26. RT @fearsome_beaver: Come watch Jin & I speedrun Human Fall Flat!! live at

  27. I liked a @YouTube video THIS IS NOT A VIDEO, DO NOT CLICK. THIS IS NOT A MAP

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