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Request Removal of Screenshot

If a screenshot has been uploaded to The Dirthut's FTP Screenshot server which violates ToS or Copyright, then you are entitled to request removal of the image with FULL DISCLOSURE. If ANY kind of image is uploaded which you do not want to be on the public domain, then requesting removal is the best way to ensure this. Removal requests are dealt with on the same day and the file is permanently deleted from the server as well as from backups, making it impossible to access from the URL.

If there is a legitimate reason for your removal request, then it is unlikely to be denied. But should an image be denied removal from the server, then you will be contacted back from the email which you made the appeal from explaining why.

Removal requests are made via E-mail, so they will open up in your E-mail client which is linked to your web browser. Alternatively, send an email to if no client is linked. (Follow the format below)


Screenshot Removal Request


Link to Screenshot:

Reason for removal: